Mini Hand Truck Pallets

Our Objective: Provide increased stabilization and reduce damage to product and floors when utilizing a hand truck.

The Problem: Hand trucks have a very limited nose plate to hold a product. This causes an unbalanced load and damage to goods. While trying to position the nose plate under products, damage is often caused to the floor and to the packing of the product.

The Solution: Our Mini Hand Truck Pallets create a larger, more stabilized surface area. The nose plate is isolated from the product, thus eliminating damage caused to goods while transporting. The Mini Hand Truck Pallets also protect your floor as the hand truck nose plate is no longer scraping against the floor when being wedged under products.

  • Pallets designed to be used with a hand truck nose plate
  • Reduce damage to products
  • Isolates product from sharp nose plate, allowing for uniform load support
  • Labor saving design allows movement of product without repeated loading and unloading
Mini Hand Truck Pallets